It's not the way you plan it, it's the way you make it happen   


i would do a line of cocaine off the slope of zayn’s cheekbone


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“Head of Medusa”  Paco della villa Borghese, Rome Italy


i wanna be cool and wear jeans and a shirt but i wanna wear GREAT BIG VICTORIAN DRESSES AND CURL MY HAIR but i wanna wear a 50s poodle skirt with a beehive but i wanna wear a ballgown but i wanna wear a WEDDING DRESS ALL THE TIME but i wanna dress up like a dragon but i wanna wear hogwarts robes but i wanna wear shorts and a plaid top you get me


why do guys check girls out at the masjid like do you only have 0-5% sharam get out of here


So there’s cute people and there’s hot people right? But then theRE’S PEOPLE WHO ARE CUTE AND HOT AND SOMETIMES AT THE SAME TIME AND IT’SNOT FAIR.